Total War: MEDIEVAL II, the famous strategy game coming to Android and iOS


Feral Interactive, a few weeks after the debut on iOS and Android of Alien Isolation, announces that another great classic is coming to mobile: we are talking about Total War: MEDIEVAL II.

Expected to be released on smartphones and tablets in the spring months, Total War: MEDIEVAL II will catapult users into an immersive strategy game in which thousands of units will have to be led and advanced tactics mastered to rule an immense empire.

The mobile edition of the Feral Interactive title will propose a redesigned user interface, intuitive touch controls and promises a practically infinite level of replayability.

Lead battles with thousands of units on screen and master the art of war with intuitive touch controls. Put your rivals in check on the campaign map with the redesigned user interface that puts the might of the empire at your fingertips and the fate of entire nations in the palm of your hand.