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Top 6 Platforms for Customer Data

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The shopping experience is no longer just a one-way system. There are so many ways for the buyer to move through the pathway of purchasing. Interactions can happen in person, online, through apps, and more, making it harder for businesses to understand customer data. This is why businesses need to look into a top customer data platform.

When businesses cannot track and understand their customer engagement, they are not able to understand their customers. This can lead to making decisions and changes that hurt the business in the long run. By using a customer data platform, companies can create points of contact and connection, which can then be dissected. Once companies gain insights and understanding, they can target consumers in the future, making their business and marketing plans more successful. Without customer data platforms, companies do not confidently know which direction they should head in next.

Here are the top 6 customer data platforms in 2022.

1. Bloomreach Engagement

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Bloomreach Engagement is a customer data platform that sorts and unifies customer data for businesses to gain stronger insights into their customer’s movements through the consumer process. This platform doesn’t just amplify the experience for the customer. It also allows business owners and marketing teams to collect and store their own data securely.

Bloomreach Engagement is great for executing your campaigns via a myriad of channels. Once businesses have a deeper understanding of customer behavior, which can be tracked in real-time, they can personalize their products to their audience as needed.

Bloomreach Engagement is available in Grow, Scale, and Enterprise packages molded to fit your business needs.

2. Hull

Hull is a great customer data platform for businesses looking for native integrations. The platform doesn’t have API integrations that take forever to learn and understand. Hull allows businesses to group profiles that are similar and sync them across all of the available Hull tools in real-time.

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This platform consolidates all of your gathered customer data to present you with all of the information needed to create a solid marketing plan that caters to your customer base.

Hull integrates customer information, as well as marketing tactics and data, allowing you to understand and dissect any and all points of the customer’s experience.

Hull is available for teams, businesses, and for custom groups beginning at $950

3. Segment

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Segment is an app focused on helping you collect and analyze your customer data across lots of available touchpoints. So, by having real-time access to this data, businesses can make choices on the spot that make the customer experience that much better.

Also, Segment is a wonderful platform that allows engineering teams to deploy their own custom functionality and integrate tools as needed. The integration with the CRM in place is very easy, and the information is easily put together to analyze.

Businesses can try the customer data platform for free.

4. Treasure Data

Treasure Data allows businesses to unify their sales and marketing to create an excellent experience for the customer and the business. This customer data platform allows you to create profiles for customers. It also provides the end-user with all of the tools needed to be successful.

Treasure Data can also handle data in massive volumes, which results in better analytics. This customer data platform lets companies track data points and turn them into a profitable customer experience. So, Treasure Data can help you to boost your company’s sales and increase customer lifetime value.

Businesses can request demos here.

5. Oracle Unity

Oracle Unity is unique in that it has built-in AI. This platform teaches businesses how to maximize the gathered customer data. Unity is in this customer platform because it allows you to unify your data in a way that lets you connect with customers in a deeper way. It also features a single customer view that captures interactions and builds insightful customer profiles.

You can also use the platform to build and grow a loyal customer base, personalize the customer experience, and connect with customers.

Businesses can request more information here.

6. Amperity

Amperity helps to turn customer data into a neat, detailed customer profile that allows businesses to create deeper connections and stronger customer experiences. This platform helps to make sense of data that can seem confusing and overwhelming and has an expert team available to help guide you as needed. Additionally, Amperity is a collaborative tool to help connect your organization for a more solid business.

You can learn more about the platform and the services here.

Top 6 Platforms for Customer Data

Finding the right customer data platform for your company can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. From real-time data sync to product personalization, there are many excellent platforms to help put your business in a stronger position and grow you to engage with your customer base more successfully.

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