The modern world is increasingly competitive. Thanks to globalization, the internet and remote work, today it is possible to work and collaborate with companies and clients around the world from any country and without much effort. While this means endless opportunities, it also means endless competitors.

Therefore, it is important to have competitive advantages, and there is no better advantage than acquiring new and desirable skills. The good news is that today there are plenty of options to learn new things easily and quickly. From speech classes to programming lessons, the sky is the limit!

5 Best Platforms To Learn New Skills

Here are the top five platforms where you can learn new skills. Take a look!


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Udemy is a massive platform for open online studies, founded in 2010. It is aimed at students and professionals, and has more than 46 million users and about 60,000 instructors. One of its biggest advantages is that many of the courses are available in dozens of languages. You can study practically anything, from art or history to science and engineering. Many of the courses are endorsed by highly prestigious educational institutions.


Coursera is an online educational platform founded in 2012 by a couple of professors from the famous Stanford University. In collaboration with multiple universities and institutes, Coursera offers online courses, certificates, diplomas, and degrees in multiple areas and concentrations. The platform offers more than 4,000 courses, linked to more than 150 universities around the world. It has 92 million users. Most classes can be taken for free: you just have to pay to receive the certificate.

3. Crehana

Crehana was founded in 2013 in Peru by Diego Olcese and Rodolfo Dañino. Initially, the platform focused on offering online courses related to Graphic Design and the creative industries. Since then, it has expanded to include all kinds of educational programs. Best of all, all courses are available in Spanish. In addition, the platform has an excellent and intuitive user interface.


SkillShare is a popular educational platform that offers online courses through a subscription program. Unlike other similar platforms, SkillShare does not charge for individual courses: the subscription provides access to all the courses on the platform. However, there is one important difference: SkillShare courses are not endorsed by any educational institution. Most courses focus on creative arts, graphic design, entrepreneurship and business, technology, and lifestyle.

5. FindYourTeacher

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If you don’t like online courses and prefer private tutors, BuscaTuProfesor is your ideal platform to learn new skills. Through BuscaTuProfesor, you can connect with teachers from all kinds of subjects and areas. Most teachers offer virtual classes, although you can also coordinate face-to-face lessons. The classes are adjusted to your schedule, level and needs. It’s a great way to learn something new.