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Top 3 Websites to Download Music from YouTube

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These three web pages will allow users to download their favorite music from YouTube for free. (Getty)

Although users can listen to their favorite music on services such as Spotify, Apple Music or even Youtube musicthese applications do not allow to consume this type of content in an ‘offline’ way if a payment is not made to obtain the premium version.

In the case of Spotify Y Manzanathese allow the download of the music within the application, so the audio file is not found on the devices.

Either to be able to use it as a ringtone or to be able to listen to it offline without having to make a monthly payment to a streaming of music, these three web pages will allow users to download their favorite music from YouTube for free.


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In addition to offering the possibility of downloading a video of YouTube to MP3 formatthis website also has different types of converters: from YouTube to MP4 for downloading videos, download videos from platforms like TikTok and Instagramin addition to Twitter and Facebook.

Online Video Converter (Capture)
Online Video Converter (Capture)

According to the instructions laid out on the website, the only thing that is needed to start the process of downloading the video to MP3 is the original link of Youtube. After copying it and placing it in the main bar of the converter, you need to specify the desired format and then click the ‘Start’ button.

The website will locate the link in Youtube and, to confirm that the link is correct, it will show an image of the video thumbnail and, next to it, a new button ‘download’, which will be the one to download the file. This process works for desktop computers, laptops or cell phones, although in the latter case the download will depend on the free space on the device and the speed of the internet.

BigConv YouTube to Mp3 Converter

Do not confuse ‘BigConv YouTube to Mp3 Converter’ with ‘Bigconv’ in Google searches to locate your website more easily. It uses advertising in additional tabs to the one that will be downloaded, so it is simple to use and quite similar to other Mp3 conversion services.

BigConv YouTube to Mp3 Converter (Capture)
BigConv YouTube to Mp3 Converter (Capture)
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After locating the original link of the YouTube video to be downloaded in the converter bar, click on the ‘search’ button to search for the video on the platform. BigConv YouTube to Mp3 Converter not only shows the thumbnail for the user to confirm that the link is correct, but also provides information about the weight of the file and its duration.

To start the download, you have to click on the button located to the right of the thumbnail that shows a cloud and an arrow pointing down. After this, the web will request to identify if you want to download the video (Mp4) or only the sound (Mp3). In both cases, you will also be asked to choose the file quality (320kbps, 256kbps, 192kbps, 128kbps, or 64kbps).

Getmp3 YouTube downloader

This website contains, in addition to its YouTube converter, one dedicated to TikTok and can be used from any device.

getmp3 YouTube Downloader (Capture)
getmp3 YouTube Downloader (Capture)
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Similar to the other services mentioned above, the original link of the YouTube video to start the download process. The platform does not take long to find the desired video and enables a preview of the video that can be played in order to confirm the link.

Like BigConv YouTube to Mp3 Converter, this website asks you to confirm the type of file and its quality before starting the download. Processing is fast and downloading, depending on internet quality, can be too.


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