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To try the world’s most advanced smart chat

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AI Test Kitchen is a new Google project that uses Artificial Intelligence to create an innovative chat experience.

He presented it a few months ago as an application based on a chatbot, LaMDA 2, and the form is already open to ask Google that we want to test it.

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In this form, it asks us for our profession and asks us what we want to use the platform for, offering the following options:

– Understand more about how these models behave
– Be inspired by the future potential of computing
– Get ideas for my own work
– Find problems and report them to Google
– Share my experience with others

It also asks for the country, since they will open the records first to people from the United States.

Meta already did something similar a few days ago by opening the doors to its BlenderBot 3 chatbot (also only in the United States), a chat that people have been using to demonstrate how an artificial intelligence can say things that give goosebumps, even criticize to the founder of Meta. These chats are still in testing, and learn new things with each conversation made.

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Meta applied fewer restrictions to interact with BlenderBot, Google is being more cautious, limiting conversations with LaMDA 2 to a few basic modes, probably to avoid the memes BlenderBot is getting on social media.

In the available modes of LaMDA 2 we have:

imagine it: asks users to name a real or imaginary place, which LaMDA will then describe.
Talk About It: Offers a conversational message to check if the chatbot is sticking to the chat, without changing the subject.
List It: asks users to name any task or topic, with the goal of seeing if LaMDA can break it down into useful subtopics.

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For my part I have already registered, now to wait on the list.

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