To stream apps from Android mobile to Chromebook

Among the huge list of novelties presented yesterday by Google in the opening keynote of its annual event for developers is the arrival of the transmission of Android applications from the mobile phone to the Chromebook.

With this feature, users will be able to carry out a series of tasks with the applications installed on their mobile phones directly from their Chromebook device through a dedicated window.

This function can be reminiscent of what is already possible to do in other operating systems, such as Windows and its “Your phone” application to carry out tasks on the mobile through a desktop or laptop computer.

possibilities of use

On the newly enabled support page, Google says that:

Now you can complete quick tasks like replying to a conversation, checking the status of a rideshare or delivery, and editing your shopping list by beaming apps from your Android phone to your Chromebook. To use App Streaming, make sure Phone Hub is enabled on your Chromebook by following the steps in this help article.

Device compatibility with the new feature

Now, who can have access to this function and what mobiles are currently compatible? The App Streaming feature is available through the current beta version of ChromeOS that users can find on the beta channel.

In this sense, we have to point out that Chromebook owners can change the channel through the ChromeOS Information panel that they will find among the configuration options, being able to choose between the stable channel, the beta channel and the channel for developers.

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And with respect to the currently compatible mobiles, Google is sweeping the house by making it compatible with Pixel mobiles, although more precisely, with “Pixel 4A and higher running Android version 13 or later”, although it also accommodates some models of other brands, for the moment Xiaomi 12T, 12T Pro, 13 and 13 Pro phones, which also have Android 13 or higher, as indicated on a help page.

Other items required to use App Streaming

Once it is possible to use App Streaming, it is a matter of both devices, both the Android mobile and the Chromebook, being under the same WiFi network and also both devices being close, although as an alternative Google allows “using Instant Tethering to put both devices on the same local area network if your current network environment does not support app streamingĀ»

From here, it is only necessary to press on the notifications or access the “Recent Applications” section of the Hub to find the applications that are already open on the mobile itself, although in case there is an application that is not yet has been opened and you want to use it can also be launched from the “All apps” list of Phone Hub.

Image Credit: Google