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To find your ideal match in the metaverse

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Currently, dating apps have become the most used means by people to flirt, with the aim of finding someone with personality and traits that meet their preferences.

However, it is likely that in the near future the dynamics of meeting people with the intention of flirting be carried out from the metaverse.

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And it is that, since Meta announced its proposal to offer its users the opportunity to interact in a scenario completely based on the metaverse, many companies began to see in this concept a means to boost your ideas and take your services to the next level.

But Is it possible to find love in the metaverse? If we look back over time, we can see how advances in technology have had a notable impact on the way people communicate, causing some real-world dynamics to move to the virtual plane over time, including dating.

Definitely, the metaverse has become the holy grail to be achieved by companies from different sectors, including those that offer services focused on human interaction for romantic purposes.

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In this sense, there is a platform developed in the field of the metaverse called never met where the people who have VR sets (virtual reality) they can engage in dating experiences within the environment offered by this app.

When creating a profile in Nevermet, users must use the filters offered by this platform to indicate age and gender. Once the Nevermet account has been created, they will be presented to the user different profiles that you can slide with your finger in a dynamic very similar to Tinder.

However, unlike dating apps, where the user is required to submit real images of their face, in Nevermet users are presented with virtual photos. This is how on this platform you can create a virtual image of yourself to use in your profile.

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In this way, the user who sees your profile within Nevermet will be able to consider if he wishes to contact you, taking as factors the avatar you have chosen, as well as the style and voice that this one has assigned, which will make you slide your finger in case you feel interested.

Those who want to have the opportunity to try Nevermet will be able to do so on both android and iOS.

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