To create a PayPal account and make payments online easily

PayPal today is still, worldwide, one of the most important online payment systems in the world. This, even taking into account the growth that the topic of cryptocurrencies has had, which are now more relevant than ever.

And it is that despite the fact that cryptos monopolize a lot of the attention of the financial sector, PayPal is still a platform that offers you a wide range of payment possibilities, in addition to the fact that it turns out to be of easy access and understanding for most people.

For this reason, you may be thinking of creating an account within that company, so if that is your intention and you are interested in doing it easily and quickly, you can continue reading this guide to see how easy it will be for you to open an account. apart from that You will not last more than 10 minutes doing the whole process.

PayPal and creating an account

First of all, you must bear in mind that PayPal as such is not a bank account, since technically what it does is take the data from the one that is your account, so that you can then pay wherever you are. without having to give anyone your banking information.

Clarified the previous point, it remains to say that to start creating your PayPal account you must enter its official website, from where you will be able to observe a little more closely the various options and everything that its payment system has to offer.

The first thing will be to click on the yellow button that says Create free accountto then be able to select the option of Personal account, basically because that would be your case. After this, it is necessary and mandatory that you indicate your telephone number to continue with the process, and so that you can receive a code that you must then fill in on the screen.

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For the next step, you will have to indicate your email, name, surname and finally the password that your account will carry. By the way, it is worth reminding you that Said data must be real and your own. After this point, you will arrive at a new window where you will be asked to indicate your nationality, date of birth, address, postal code, city and province in which you live, in addition to accepting the terms and conditions.

When you have pressed the blue button Accept and create accountthe platform will send you an email to the email you previously indicated so that you can confirm the account. Being inside that file, just click on the blue button Confirm email address.

You will reappear on the PayPal page to write the password that you decided a few minutes ago, and then click on Confirm my email. Now as for the form of payment, choose either a credit/debit card or a bank account. Take a minute to complete this process regardless of the payment method you have chosen, although they are still very easy to complete.

After this point, you will finally be on the home screen of your new PayPal account. Now you can start exploring this new world and interact with all the tools to be able to buy online, make or receive money transfers and many others, which also turn out to be very intuitive and are designed to be understood by the general public.