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To create a fake chat with free animation

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Many chats circulate on the networks that, supposedly, have been made between two people, although in many cases they are jokes embedded in some template that simulates Whatsapp, Messenger and other platforms.

Today I will tell you how to create chats of this type with an option that allows you to create an animation and configure some variables.

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This is, an option where we can choose the characters that will participate in the chat, with an avatar and name, all in the upper right part of the page. Once that is defined, we can put the texts that each one will say in the chat simulation.

As we write the script, it appears on the left, as an animation, circulating from bottom to top with the possibility of defining the speed with which the content circulates.

The result can be saved as a webm or as a gif, and can be stored on the mobile or PC so that we can upload it to social networks and wait for the reaction of our followers. It is a good way to create animated content from a bit of text, betting on short video, which is what is fashionable on social networks.

On the same page they encourage using VEED to edit the final video, although this can be done with any editor, or even uploaded to networks without editing.

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Practical, simple, free and without the need to create an account.

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