Tivify adds a new channel totally free for all users

tivify adds a new channel totally free for all users
tivify adds a new channel totally free for all users

A new completely free channel comes to the television service provided by Tivify and which has already become one of those with the greatest presence in its field. This is very good news in that absolutely all users will be able to enjoy the channel without it being necessary to have any type of subscription.

Tivify’s growth continues with the addition of more channels to its television platform. The latest addition was announced a few hours ago and brings a dose of originality that never hurts. As we indicated, it has been added for all people who use the service, which is very welcome.

The world of flamenco on TV

From dial 167 you can now find this channel called Flamenco Auditorio , which has programming that is dedicated 24 hours a day to the world of this noble musical art. It is, as Tivify indicates in its statement, the first channel that is entirely dedicated to this music, so it is surely highly appreciated among its many followers.

As a complement to the channel, its content will also be available in parallel in an on-demand format. It is important to say that access to this section is also accessible to all users , which means that there will be no limits regarding access to this highly specialized flamenco content.

Varied and professional content

Tivify comments that the main objective of this channel is to help spread knowledge about the world of flamenco and reinforce its presence among viewers. Its launch is very well received, given that flamenco is one of the cornerstones of Spanish culture. Giving it presence means helping more people become interested in this type of music and, in addition, it is a good way to spread its popularity among users in other countries. At the end of the day, we must not forget that the free availability of Tivify helps make it a platform chosen by all types of people residing in Spain or in countries of the European Union, as well as the United Kingdom.

But what type of programming does Flamenco Auditorio have? The surprise comes because a schedule has been established that does not leave any type of content in the air. The balance is really high, which means that it will more than likely always have something to satisfy every type of viewer . Of course, the flamenco concerts are going to be one of the highlights. Some of the first that we can enjoy will be those of artists such as Tía Juana la del Pipa or Jaime Parrón, who are two authentic references of the category.

Along with the concerts, the channel also has its own programs , highlighting among them the one presented by Juan Luis Cano under the title Flamencoland. In it he will be in charge of doing interviews and speaking with some of the most important names in the world of flamenco, with some as important as Joan Albert Amargos or David Peña Dorantes, who will be among his first guests.

Along the same lines, you will also be able to see Flamenco Planet, a program that goes beyond the limits and presents unexpected stories that seek to captivate viewers. The first of them will be that of the Japanese Kyoko Shikaze, whose passion for flamenco has led her to live in Spain and enjoy music very closely. As for the Encadenados program, it will bring a different touch to the interviews because different flamenco artists will do them with each other, which will allow for a much closer connection with her points of view.

Last but not least, the channel will also broadcast films of the genre or documentaries in which different flamenco stars can be followed, with Justo Salao being the first protagonist. As we indicated, all of this can be enjoyed for free and also with the different subscription plans that Tivify has in its catalog.


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