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Tired of someone on Instagram? So easy you can block it

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One of the most annoying things that happens on instagram is that, from time to time, you keep seeing the content that someone posts and that is not particularly interesting for you. And, even, you can have comments that you do not like very much about said profile. The most appropriate way to avoid this is by blocking, something that can be achieved with the tools that exist in the application itself. When you do this, the person in question will not even be able to tag you if they intend to not send you messages. That is to say, that you will not exist for her -no matter how much you know that you have an Instagram account-. If this is exactly what you want to do with someone, we show you the steps you have to take to achieve it without having to work very hard to achieve it. By the way, everything you do will be official, so there are no risks in them. Block a profile that you don’t like on Instagram The simplicity of the process is something that is present, so it is not necessary to have in-depth knowledge of the social network we are talking about or the operating systems of mobile phones to achieve a result optimal when completed. The list of actions to be carried out is as follows: Open the Instagram application on the mobile terminal where you usually use it. If necessary, you must enter your credentials so that you know for sure that it is your profile on the social network that you manage. Locate the user you want to get rid of and, once you find him, click on the icon that represents his account to access their profile where, among other things, you will see their information and the publications they have made. Now use the icon with three vertical dots in the upper right area and, at the bottom of the screen, a drop-down menu appears in which there are different options. One of them is called Block, and it is the one you have to use. A window appears in which you have to configure the action you are about to complete. If you do, you will have finished and, from that moment, you will never know anything about the profile you have blocked on Instagram. As you can see, there is no complication to complete a block on this social network, and you should know that, if you do this, none of the user profiles that exist on Instagram (or the new ones that can be created), will be able to bother you more. Therefore, we are talking about a tool that is most effective. >

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