Tired of fake giveaways on Instagram? so you can stop it

tired of fake giveaways on instagram? so you can stop
tired of fake giveaways on instagram? so you can stop

avoid giveaways instagram

Tired of getting tags and mentions on Instagram from spam accounts that ruin your experience on the social network? Don’t worry! Today we will teach you some effective strategies to avoid being tagged and mentioned on Instagram by spam accounts and regain control of your profile.

One of the biggest problems Instagram users face is spam generated by fake or malicious accounts. One of the most common tactics these accounts use is to tag or mention users on fake sweepstakes or in posts with adult content. These mentions are not only annoying and inappropriate, but can also put users’ privacy and security at risk. If you find yourself in this situation, read on for some practical tips to help you avoid these unwanted tags and mentions on Instagram.

Without making the profile private

It is important to know that no need to make an account private to avoid being tagged or mentioned in false or malicious posts on Instagram. You don’t even need to mute users either. While this may reduce the number of tags and mentions we receive, it also limits our ability to connect with other users and grow our presence.

Instead, we may choose to adjust our privacy settings to control who can tag and mention us in publications. If someone tries to tag or mention us and they’re not on our allow list, they’ll get a message that we don’t accept tags or mentions from everyone. This way, we can continue to use Instagram publicly while making sure we only get tags and mentions from those users we want to.

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avoid mentions tags instagram

On Instagram, you can control who can tag or mention you by using the Settings and privacy. If someone who isn’t on your allow list tries to tag or mention you, they’ll see that you don’t accept tags or mentions from everyone. To update your tags and mentions settings, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings in the options menu and go to «how others can interact with you«.
  • Select the option tags and mentions. Here, you can select who can mention and tag you in your posts. In addition, you can choose whether you want the photos and videos you’ve been tagged in to appear automatically on your profile, or whether you’d prefer to manually approve them.

Block and report

Sometimes it can be difficult to block everyone who tags us in fake or malicious posts on Instagram. Fortunately, there is an option to block not only an account, but also all accounts created with the same email electronic. By doing this, we prevent the fake user from continuing to tag us if they create a new account after their profile is terminated.

In addition to blocking, Instagram also offers an option to direct complaint. By selecting this option, we can choose the reason for the report, which includes the category of “spam«. If we report a post as spam, Instagram will take steps to remove it and prevent it from spreading. If we wish, we can also choose to only make the report without blocking the user’s account. In this way, we can contribute to the removal of unwanted content on Instagram without the need to block other users.

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