Tired of blurry photos with the Galaxy S23 / S23+? There’s a solution

galaxy s23 plus image 06 hi.jpg
galaxy s23 plus image 06 hi.jpg

If you’ve noticed that your Galaxy S23 or Galaxy S23+ has been taking blurry photos recently, you’re not the only one. Samsung has acknowledged that there is an issue that causes the main camera to take photos with blurry areas. Luckily, a software update is planned. The issue with the cameras on the Galaxy S23 and S23+ was spotted earlier this year, and has been dubbed “banana blur.” Photos have ring (or banana) blur, and the problem seems to be worse in close-ups. A post from the Samsung Poland community has confirmed that this is a real issue. Apparently, the problem is caused by the large aperture of the phone’s wide-angle camera. Although this is supposed to help with night photography, Samsung says it may be causing some areas of your photos to come out blurry and out of focus. Apparently close-up photos are also more prone to this, especially if you’re using high-res mode, which doesn’t support focus enhancer. Although the timeframe for the promised patch has not been confirmed, Samsung has mentioned some workarounds to try and mitigate the issue. These solutions include taking a step back if your subject is closer than 12 inches away, while another suggests taking photos in portrait orientation instead of landscape. This issue was first reported in early March, so it’s surprising that it took Samsung almost three months to respond.

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