Tinder will cut social media handles from public profiles

Tinder will cut social media handles from public profiles
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Tinder will start to delete social network identifiers in public profiles in the application, a feature that many users use to exceed the functional limits of the —relationship— service to gain more followers and profit from visibility. Tinder will update its Community Guidelines to prohibit sharing usernames or references to other external links.

In a note on the subject, the platform reminds users not to “advertise, promote social identifiers or links to gain followers, sell things, raise funds or campaign” —including what your Linktree does to guide people to online stores, for example. example.

Aside from this change, most policy updates are requests to users, such as telling people to respect boundaries and not share private chats in a public setting, particularly appealing to younger users aged 18-25.

“To guide these younger daters at the start of their journey, Tinder is using this policy update to remind and educate members about healthy dating habits — both online and in real life,” said Ehren Schlue, vice president senior strategy for Tinder members.

It’s unclear how exactly Tinder plans to remove social identifiers from bios or prevent people from sharing them in chats. The company encourages users to report anyone who violates the rule. Removing social handles also interferes with people sharing them to bypass swipe limits or remove the need to match.

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