Timex announces $120 Ironman R300 fitness watch

Timex has announced the latest in its range of Ironman GPS watches, the R300. The company is selling it for $120 in the US, a competitive price in the market.

The R300 should last for 20 hours of GPS use on a single charge, which is very good considering the Apple Watch conks out after about 3-4 hours of GPS use. If you’re not using GPS, battery life is quoted at 25 days.

Image: Timex

The Ironman series offers fitness workout guides from pro athletes and coaches built into the watch and offers a pretty rugged looking construction (read: not the most premium option). With 30m water resistance, sleep tracking and an always-on touchscreen it should be considered next to similar watches from Polar and Garmin if you’re in the market for a no nonsense fitness watch.

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