Tim Cook, salary and shares: this is how much the Apple CEO earned in 2021


Tim Cook, Apple’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), was one of the highest paid executives in the world last year: September 2020 to September 2021 earned a total of $ 98.7 million between base salary, shares and other compensation.

According to Apple’s annual statement filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), at a base salary of $ 3 million, Cook was awarded $ 82,347,835 in shares (including 44.8 million in performance-based equity bonuses and 37.5 million in time-based equity bonuses). None of these titles have yet been awarded.

To these figures are added $ 12 million in non-equity incentives due to meeting Apple’s environmental and financial sustainability goals, and $ 1,386,559 in other compensation, including $ 712,488 in personal air travel (since 2017, Apple has not allowed its CEO to take commercial flights for safety reasons), 630,630 dollars in personal safety, a contribution of $ 17,400 to his retirement plan, $ 2,964 in life insurance premiums, and $ 23,077 in vacation payments.

In the $ 98.7 million that Cook earned in 2021, far higher than the $ 14.8 million he earned in 2020, the $ 750 million in shares awarded to him as the final part of a ten-year package that Cook received when he took over the company.

Other Apple executives, including Luca Maestri, Kate Adams, Jeff Williams and Deirdre O’Brien have received salaries ranging from $ 26 to $ 27 million.

This week, remember, Apple became the first publicly traded company in the world to cross the market capitalization threshold of $ 3 trillion. Last October, Apple announced record earnings for the fourth quarter of 2021 with revenues of $ 83.4 billion, up 29% from the previous year.

Despite these huge earnings, Cook still ranked eighth among the highest paid CEOs in the United States.