Tim Cook is interested in buying the Manchester United team


If you have about eight billion euros, it is likely that you can bid for the purchase of one of the oldest and most prestigious soccer teams in world soccer. We are talking about nothing more and nothing less than Manchester United that the Glazer family has confirmed that they are willing to sell the club. That is the starting price, logically, and only the richest and most powerful could consider acquiring it. Among those who can is Apple. Tim Cook seems to like the idea and tries to convince the shareholders of the purchase.

Apple, Amancio Ortega among potential Manchester United buyers

Manchester United, a historic football club, Founded by railwaymen in 1878 and one of the greats, it is for sale. So at least it is speculated among the English specialized press. The most curious thing is the possible buyers of this club. One of them occupies one of the highest positions in the famous list of the richest in the world. It is Spanish. But who really draws the attention of potential future owners is the company specializing in iPhone. We are talking about Apple and Tim Cook thinks buying it is a good idea.

The Glazer family, they are a billionaire family bought the team 16 years ago. Since then he has had his ups and downs with the fans and it seems that now the time has come to abandon the project. The price, It seems that it will start at almost 8000 million euros. An affordable amount for very few on this planet. But Apple has that power.

The newspaper The Daily Star has released the claim that Cook is ready to take over the team and make it the property of the Cupertino-based company. We do not suppose that the fans will be very amused, but they will not be able to do much if the case arrives in which the company affirmatively decides that it does proceed with the purchase.

The newspaper also states that the company andI would be willing to renovate the football stadium. A new state of the art stadium to replace the old Old Trafford. Now, at the moment it seems that it is only a rumor, yes, that it has spread a lot because the Spanish press is echoing it, because a Spaniard could be in the fight for the purchase.

we will be pending how the facts evolve and we will see if finally Manchester United will be renamed iManchester or iUnited.