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Tim Cook is concerned about antitrust legislation

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Apple has long been in a fight against monopoly. Rather, other companies and institutions are fighting against Apple in this regard. Apple defends itself tooth and nail by specifying that the accusations received are not true. To do this, Cook has just talk to Nancy Pelosi among others, to give your opinion on these new laws.

The new antitrust law is riddled with cheating, according to Tim Cook

Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, along with other members, have received the call from Tim Cook. Wants to be able to chat about the new antitrust law which according to the CEO of Apple is not a good idea.

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The CEO needs to sway opinion against ratifying a set of radical antitrust bills. That they have like objective to stop big technologies. Citing familiar sources, The New York Times reports that Apple’s chief executive phoned to warn of potential cheating in a set of five proposals announced earlier this month.

Law projects, stifle innovation and harm consumers by wreaking havoc on Apple services. Tim Cook also requested that the Judiciary Commission delay its consideration process, a funnel that legislation must pass through before reaching the full House. With the passage of the House, the bills would have to withstand Senate scrutiny before reaching the president’s desk. Pelosi disagrees with Cook’s request and also pressures the CEO to name specific political objections to the proposed material.

Cook is not the only tech figure to oppose the antitrust set of laws. Kent Walker, Google’s senior vice president of global affairs, also made calls to lawmakers, while representatives from Amazon and Facebook issued statements critical of the proposed measures.

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