Tim Cook: Apple ready to buy chips made in the US and Europe


Apple is about to start buying chips made in the US and Europe: brings it back Bloomberg, citing a comment by CEO Tim Cook himself during an internal meeting. Already now, Apple has confirmed the decision to buy chips from “a plant in Arizona” which should become operational by 2024 (it should be that of TSMC), while for the moment there are not too many defined details regarding Europe because the foundry construction roadmaps are still quite approximate. But Cook said Apple will make a decision as soon as the plans become more defined.

As for the United States, it seems that Arizona is destined to become the great national pole for the production of semiconductors. As we said, TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Company, one of the largest and most prestigious foundries in the world) is building a plant, but it’s not the only one: Intel is also at work. Both foundries are expected to start production from 2024.

TSMC has a very strong history with Apple – is currently its main chip supplier, both for the “A” for less prestigious iPhone and iPad and for the “M” for higher-end Mac and iPad. With Intel, on the other hand, the situation is a little more delicate: the company has confirmed its intention to produce chips for other companies, but it is widely believed that its production processes are not up to par with those of TSMC – and it is probably one of the factors that ultimately pushed Apple to abandon Intel chips for its Macs and switch to proprietary ones.

In general, we have seen recently thanks to MediaTek how many big players in the industry are trying to reduce Taiwan’s role in the chip manufacturing industry: partly for a political issue, given that relations with the Chinese government are becoming more tense, but more generally because the COVID-19 pandemic has reminded us of the dangers of “keeping all your eggs in one basket”, as they say – especially when major world events are happening.

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