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TikTok would be giving up integrating purchases in transmissions in Europe and the United States, according to a report

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TikTok is enjoying a good moment, thanks to the large number of users who keep the platform active. In order to maintain an attractive proposition, ByteDance, the company behind the social network, has been testing various features to give it a new boost.

Among the options considered to add to TikTok, according to previous reports, the option of integrating purchases in the app is being considered. A proposed alternative was the option to add this element in live streams. After a test that did not generate the desired response, the possibility of implementing this formula in Europe and the United States was ruled out.

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TikTok live streams will not integrate purchases

The eventual possibility of integrating a shopping system into TikTok, particularly within its live streams, was released in May of last year. After that first report, at the end of the year this feature began to be tested only in the United Kingdom, with the projection of extending this experience to Europe, starting with Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and later also extending to the United States.

A recent report from Financial Timescharged that ByteDance would be choosing to discard the expansion plans for this feature, by not getting the desired response, even despite having developed a large deployment to promote it, even raising events with brands.

The implementation of this feature, under this particular modality, was a gamble. Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, also maintained by ByteDance, unleashed quite a phenomenon thanks to this feature, reaping great success with merchants, content creators and their communities of followers.

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Pilot plans with these characteristics, such as the one carried out in the United Kingdom, form part of market studies. In this case, it was proven that the user profile that this implementation focused on does not respond in the same way as the mass of users they have in China.

Plans to integrate purchases into TikTok have not been completely ruled out, only the expansion of this formula has been paused for the time being, which will continue to be promoted by ByteDance in the United Kingdom.

A report a few days ago, reported that the social network would be considering integrating a tab within its app, dedicated to purchases. This would follow a formula more similar to what we know in Instagram Shopping or Facebook Marketplace, an experiment that could perhaps give better results in these latitudes.

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