TikTok will limit screen time for teens by default

There are many who believe that adolescents spend too much time using mobile phones, and one of the applications that takes the cake is TikTok. Well, the company intends to offer more tools that make them more aware of what they do… and that parents can take action on the matter. An example is that screen time will be limited by default. According to the information that has been transmitted today, the firm intends to set screen time by default at 60 minutes for those under 18 years of age. This, which may seem little to them, believe in TikTok itself that it is more than enough to be able to see a good number of short videos -and, therefore, they have made this determination-. In addition, they will also add new tools so that parents can have greater control of what their children do on this well-known social network. The application is imminent in TikTok As confirmed by the company itself, new accounts that are opened from now on will already have this limit applied (as well as those that have not yet used the tool we are talking about). For the rest, you will have to make the change manually. Something curious, as well as surprising, is that the change of the time set manually by the user will be allowed, but a warning will be received after 100 minutes in the day to establish the default limit again. Therefore, this can serve as a warning… and also help parents. As we have indicated before, more options are added in the parental controls section. An example is the options so that videos that include certain words in the descriptions or hashtags that are not positive for adolescents can be filtered. This is good to respond to complaints about the danger it has in the mental health section of young people who spend many hours in front of a smartphone, whether it is playing games or consuming content on social networks -such as TikTok-. There is also everything that has to do with generating hate, where there are studies that are very severe with the practices of many online platforms due to the lack of control. It is also important to indicate that custom usage times are also allowed, so the options that existed before in TikTok (40, 60, 90 or 120 minutes) are no longer the only ones available. I use advances that I am sure that parents value as very positive. These are all good options. What TikTok has announced is very positive, but adolescents need to be accurately informed and educated about the risks that exist if they spend too much time in front of the screens of mobile phones or tablets. And this is something that is not yet done with sufficient forcefulness and precision. >