TikTok will hire 2,000 new employees

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While other platforms and social networks do not stop reporting massive layoffs (Twitter has laid off 50% of its workforce while Meta will do the same with 13% of its workers) there are those who move in another category and, perhaps as proof of their success, TikTok has announced the hiring of around 2,000 new employees only for its Mountain View (California) offices.

TikTok expands its workforce to strengthen security on the social network

The figure assumes duplicate template that the company that owns the Chinese parent company ByteDance has in said Californian headquarters. The CEO of the company, Shou Zi Chew, has affirmed that unlike what happens with Facebook or Twitter they “do not need to lay off half their staff to reach the levels of efficiency that they intend to achieve.” Here you can check the TikTok job offers.

In fact, and in view of the complaints made public by members of the content supervision teams of social networks such as Twitter or Facebook who are being subjected to recent massive layoffs, one of the main reasons for new hires within TikTok has to do precisely with the reinforcement of the means destined to maintain the security protocols, among which is content monitoring.

On the other hand, it should also be remembered that this increase in the TikTok workforce in the United States responds to complaints that the employees of the Chinese company ByteDance can access US user data of said social network. Both the hiring of American personnel in the headquarters within this country would avoid this thorny issue.

Not surprisingly, the FBI has expressed its fears that the influence of TikTok in the United States could even become a national threat to the security of the countryaccording to statements by Christopher Wray, director of investigations for the federal agency.

The reason would be TikTok’s capture of data from millions of US users, manipulation algorithms and control software that could endanger the devices of millions of users of the platform.

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