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TikTok will change forever with this Artificial Intelligence feature

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TikTok AI

The fashion social network, TikTok, it will be helped by Artificial intelligence to add a new feature that increases the interactivity of its users. This video content platform adds features and effects on a regular basis, and its millionaire community turns these novelties viral in a short time, integrating them into their creations in a fairly organic way.

Artificial Intelligence technology continues to advance by leaps and bounds and spread across the internet. And if we talk about the Internet, what better place than a social network as popular as TikTok to show its effectiveness and how it can go viral.

Text to image on TikTok

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ByteDance’s video platform recently added a new effect called “AI Green Screen” that allows users to write a text message that the software will then generate as an image. This usually artistic image can be used as the background of a video, a potentially very useful tool for content creators on TikTok.

Use filters on Tik Tok

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The popularity of this new effect is promising, as the hashtag “AI Green Screen” has received more than 7 million views on the platform, as users have flooded TikTok to see what art the AI ​​will make with just a name.

The most curious thing is that this tool not only works with common names, but also is also capable of generating these artistic images from proper names, so you can try your own name and see what it suggests to the AI ​​and how it transforms this into an image. Sometimes he just creates pretty abstract and swirly images. Other models, by comparison, can produce both photorealistic images and complex, coherent illustrations that appear to have been drawn or painted by humans.

Although it must be recognized that the possibilities of this tool are certainly limited if we compare them with others that use Artificial Intelligence to create images from text, such as DALL-E 2 from OpenAI, Google Image, or Midjourney’s namesake softwaregetting something new to become a trend in an environment like TikTok is certainly worth trying, since the figures show that it has managed to catch on among the users of the platform.

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The limitations of this tool appear to be intentional. TikTok has over a billion users And giving all these people the power to create photorealistic images of anything they can imagine would produce some worrying results.

How to use the new feature

To use this new Artificial Intelligence function in TikTok you just have to open the application and click on the option “+” at the bottom of the screen to create a new video, just as you normally would.

Then you just have to click on the option «Effects», located to the left of the red button that allows you to start recording.

Once there, you must choose the search icon and write “AI Greenscreen” (we have left you the direct link above). It is represented by a purple icon and contains the letters “AI” In the center of the image. Once selected, you will have to write the text on which you want this abstract work of art to be generated and share the results with the millionaire TikTok community.

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