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TikTok tests Repost, its own version of the retweet

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The retweet, which has contributed so much to spreading the publications on the social network Twitter, will have its own version in another social network of a very different nature such as TikTok, where a new button called Repost is being tested.

The Repost button allows content to be shared with all the followers of the profile on TikTok

This button will appear in the same section that already allows content to be shared, with the exception that it will expand the existing possibilities. And it is that if until now TikTok only allows to share a publication directly with a contact, with the new Repost button content will be shared with all contacts of the user.

This implies an important difference with the Twitter retweet, which does allow the content to be displayed from the user’s profile for all followers. Button Repost is located halfway Between both possibilities, the current way of individually sharing a TikTok publication and the RT that spreads a tweet in a universal way.

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TikTok Repost

Nevertheless the Repost button will have some limitations and will not appear generally available. For example, it will not appear in the Discover section or in the inbox of messages sent by a contact, but rather It will only appear in the videos in the For you section. This implies the possibility of contributing to the syndication of a video that has already reached the user through the work of the TikTok recommendation algorithm.

The Repost function bears resemblance to the «revine» integrated into the defunct Vine platform, which at the time was acquired (and later closed to return as Byte) by Twitter, and which already made it possible to increase the visibility of the content shared on said social network.

One of the problems that arose with this button (and that has also been observed on Instagram) is the custom of some user groups to coordinate to exchange in an organized and systematic way comments and “likes” in their respective publications to benefit from the way in which the algorithms of the social network reward the popularity of the publications.

In TikTok, with a highly precise method for customizing the For you section, they would look for a different operation for the Repost in order to avoid these behaviors. To begin with, only the contents recommended by another user could be shared through a Repost with which there is a mutual follow-up, although this obviously also implies a certain limitation to the dissemination of the publications.

From TikTok it has not been reported at the moment when this new Repost button will be available to all users.


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