TikTok tests PC video game streaming to compete with Twitch

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TikTok has started testing Live Studio, a new software that will allow stream video games and other applications from a PC, which could compete with the popular Twitch service.

TikTok Live Studio will allow live streaming of video games and other content from PC

Currently TikTok Live Studio is in the testing phase and only a very small group of users from different Western countries are carrying them out. If it is launched as a product, it would mean an important change in TikTok’s live streaming strategy, since this platform would no longer focus solely on content from mobile devices.

For starters, make your PC the source of video game streaming content would allow TikTok to compete with other platforms like the aforementioned Twitch, YouTube Gaming or Facebook Gaming.

But beyond video games, one of the star content in live streaming, the possibility that the Live Studio software allows make the PC the hub from which content comes it may have other applications as well, from distance learning to the professional field.

A user has been able to test TikTok Live Studio and has shared from his Twitter profile some of the features of this software, still in the testing phase and pending adjustments that may be present in the final version.

Thus Live Studio would allow streaming both in panoramic format and in portrait mode, supporting content from video games and any other type of program, as well as from mobile devices and cameras.

Until now there were other means of sharing content in streaming from a desktop device through TikTok, but resorting to third party solutions, such as the Streamlabs software or the Loola.tv service, although the difficulties and problems derived from dealing with non-TikTok resources must be added that the platform has disabled the possibility of using them for most users.

At the moment, no information has been provided about when Live Studio might be available, software that could help further expand the base of more than one billion users that TikTok already has.