TikTok tests its own Stories

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TikTok has confirmed that it is running a pilot program to launch your own Stories, content that disappears within 24 hours of its publication. The app of Chinese origin would thus imitate Instagram and Facebook in the launch of this type of format after seeing how Mark Zuckerberg’s company copied his style of videos last summer when launching the Reels.

It is still curious that TikTok launches itself to this type of content just when Twitter withdraws its own stories, the so-called Fleets, having failed to achieve the interaction and participation expected of users to improve communication on the social network.

But according to TikTok, ephemeral content could help its community of users to bring more creative ideas to life when communicating. He points out that Stories would be nothing more than an additional option to those that he already has when creating content, such as Duets or Live broadcasts.

TikTok Stories

That is, the stories on TikTok would not be a separate format, but would be videos similar to the current ones, only that they would disappear within 24 hours of their publication. Of course, the way to create them would be similar to that of other platforms, since from the new navigation bar on the left of the screen you can press the camera button to create the story, to which you can add texts, stickers, include music … and in it you can also use filters and effects. Users can upload photos and videos that they already have on their mobile phone reel, as is the case with other social networks with this type of content.

The company has not confirmed the time during which it will develop this test, not even if it will finally serve to launch the Stories officially around the world, but it has indicated that it is already being carried out at present in several countries beyond the United States.

The objective of TikTok is to gather the opinion of the users and then decide whether or not to launch the Stories permanently.