TikTok tests a new option in its videos that brings it very close to YouTube


The struggle to have the largest number of content creators is almost savage today between platforms like Instagram, YouTube and, of course, TikTok. It is logical, since they are the ones that make the service attractive or not for the rest of the users. Well, the last one that we have discussed is testing a new function that, possibly, makes it lose some flavor… but that will allow it to compete better against the rest. Currently, TikTok has an impressive growth rate, something that is clear with figures like the following: it currently has more than 2.6 billion downloads worldwide. Shocking. But, this seems to be little for the company that is looking for ways that allow it to maintain the increase in its numbers against the competition. And, it seems, it has found a possibility that it is already testing and that may not be to the liking of many: the ability to use video horizontally… something that will bring it closer, and much, to YouTube. Some tests that have already begun in TikTok The firm has confirmed that the different tests to finally bring this option to the application have begun, and that this is done to accommodate people who like to watch videos in a much more traditional way. Therefore, if this becomes a reality -as it seems-, vertical video will no longer be the hallmark of the platform (since, to date, it was the only way to publish something on it). We will have to see how the creators take this. The curious thing is that other platforms, such as Instagram itself, have been working very conscientiously to compete with TikTok’s vertical video, and now the company has decided to try the horizontal one. And the truth is that it makes all the sense in the world, because this broadens the spectrum of users who use the service and those who upload content. This also confirms that YouTube is on a growth trend and, to stop it, nothing better than entering segments where to date it did not have much competition. There is no date for the official arrival In the same information it has been indicated that the company does not have any date for the implementation of this new function in TikTok, but the logical thing is that it be done as soon as possible so that its effect is the best possible. The truth is that this social network, which has grown like foam in a short time, has the obligation to evolve so as not to be left behind – since the competition has no qualms about copying what they offer. Therefore, increasing the length of the videos to 10 minutes was just the beginning, and the next thing will be the horizontal video. What will be next? >