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    TikTok removed 81 million videos between April and June for breaking community rules

    tik tok elimina contenido3 1.png
    tik tok elimina contenido3 1.png

    TikTok has announced in a new transparency report Between April and June it has deleted more than 80 million videos for breaking the rules in one way or another. This number of videos only represents 1% of all videos uploaded in the same period, so the lack of this content is hardly noticeable.

    The china network uses an automated system to get content that breaks community rules. There are also human moderators, but it seems that artificial intelligence is simply more accurate and better. Also, the vast majority of these videos (more than 90%) were removed from the network before they even had a viewer.

    Automated moderation

    When it comes to false positives, there is talk of 5% of videos that did not break any rules. In other words, some 4.6 million videos that were initially removed were automatically re-posted once they were found not to break any rules.

    As seen in the image, most of the content removed is related to sexuality, bullying, illegal activities, suicide, violence, etc. In fact, they recently had to update their algorithm to adapt to the new challenge that led some students to steal private property in the United States.

    In this same period, TikTok deleted almost 30,000 videos related to false information related to the coronavirus. 83% of these videos were removed before they were reported and 70% before anyone saw them. Most networks have had to take action on this issue, and TikTok does its part with this automated content moderation.