Tiktok prohibits political advertising from political accounts

Governments, politicians, and political parties can no longer advertise, raise campaign funds, or receive funds on Tiktok.


Tiktok has changed its policy so that it can no longer advertise on official accounts of governments, politicians and political parties. Tiktok announced this on Wednesday. The short video service promises that the user community will receive more balanced information in the context of elections and that less false information will be spread.


According to Tiktok, it has been taking action against political advertising for some time. So far, such advertising that has been carried out via paid ads or paid creators has been removed at the ad level where necessary. Tiktok is now preventing all official political accounts from being able to advertise. In principle, these accounts no longer have access to the Tiktok advertising function.

However, since it can be important for governments to carry out certain campaigns, such as for the corona pandemic, exceptions are made. However, the account holders will have to contact Tiktok directly in the future.

In addition, political account holders no longer have the option to use Tiktok’s monetization features. In concrete terms, this means that they can no longer receive any money. At the same time, account holders can no longer give away money. The same applies to “tips”. Access to e-commerce features and the ability to participate in the Creator Fund will be removed.

Advertising for campaign donations should also be prohibited in the future. The guidelines are currently being revised accordingly. They should then apply in a few weeks. Videos in which politicians or political parties call for campaign donations are also affected.

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