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TikTok not working: what to do

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It is not at all strange that an application like TikTok -or any other social network-, such as WhatsApp or any streaming platform such as Netflix or HBO Max stop working right away. Since these are services that depend exclusively on the Internet, many unexpected errors can occur at any time, especially when you are constantly using the app.

A system malfunction can interrupt content playback, which is really frustrating.

The good news is that a large part of the failures can be easily fixed. You just have to apply a few simple instructions to get TikTok back to normal. Next, we will explain what to do when the application does not work as it should.

– Test the Internet connection: checking the connection status never hurts, a weak Wi-Fi signal will cause a lot of problems because the content will not load completely. The best thing in this case is to run a speed test to find out what is happening.

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– Restart TikTok: Simple and effective, a reboot will reload the app’s data from scratch, making the bug go away. It will be enough to force the closing of the application so that the system starts again without any obstacle.

– Check if the app is down: applications sometimes fall into a state of inactivity, to corroborate this situation, it is best to use DownDetector. It is a program that reports errors that have occurred in the last 24 hours in apps and Internet services.

– Delete the data: Clearing the data and cache of the app is one of the most efficient methods to suppress any system errors. To clear the cache, you just have to tap on “Profile” and click on the icon of three horizontal lines that is in the upper right. Then, you have to go to “Settings and Privacy” – “Free up space”. Finally, you must click on the “Delete” option that is next to “Cache”.

– Update the platform: It is essential to run the latest version of the app to have the latest support, this will prevent TikTok from presenting annoying bugs. All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and check that the application is up to date.

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