TikTok makes a move in Electronic Commerce with its “Trendy Beat” section


TikTok wants to conquer the electronic commerce with his latest initiative, the “Trendy Beat” section, which is already in testing in the UK.

New Focus on Sales

In a direct challenge to e-commerce giants like Amazon and Shein, TikTok introduces “Trendy Beat,” a space within the app where products are sold and shipped directly by a subsidiary of ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company. Unlike its previous initiative, TikTok Shop, where brands sell their products directly on the platform, TikTok is now committed to selling its own products.

The S-Project

Known internally as “Project S,” ByteDance’s plan is to sell its own products on the video app, taking advantage of the popularity of certain products featured in viral videos. They use a network of suppliers to produce these items.

Impact on Buying Habits

TikTok has already proven to have a significant impact on users’ buying habits. The term “TikTok made me buy it» has become popular to describe the app’s ability to drive sales. With this new in-app purchase space, these sales are expected to be further boosted, offering users easy and direct access to the discovery and purchase experience.

The Future of Trendy Beat

Although the new Trendy Beat feature is not being tested in the United States at this time, TikTok has applied for a US trademark for Trendy Beat, indicating that it may expand to that market in the future.

This innovative approach by TikTok can be a game changer in e-commerce. As competing apps scale back their efforts in this space, TikTok continues to grow and explore new ways to influence user buying habits. Although it is still early to determine the success of this initiative, TikTok’s ambition is clear and it is a clear example of how social networks can diversify their business model.

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