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TikTok introduces landscape mode for Android tablets and promotes it in the Play Store

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Google is introducing a Pixel tablet and is naturally encouraging developers to update apps to support landscape viewing. The question of tablets and full compatibility with Android apps has been struggling for years and is one of the reasons that have led Apple’s iPad to always have a position of dominance over its competitors, and to be honest, Google has never worked too hard to change this trend.

Yet the air seems to change and it can also be seen from the new promotion within the Play Store, which in these hours goes to put highlighting the new tablet mode introduced by TikTok. She found her on the site 9to5mac and for all intents and purposes on our devices we are starting to experience it on our devices as well. The screens that we propose to follow are quite clear in this regard.

In the promo we see a reduced version of the optimized interface, but the second screen shows us the actual changes we can experiment with TikTok in tablet view. Short vertical format video appears in the left portion of the display, while a column to the right shows full-width comments.

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This user interface for some will not be entirely new, in fact, it is the same one that should appear on foldable devices, such as Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold line, but the availability on tablets should be the most recent news.

Is there anyone among you who uses TikTok on Android Tablet and experienced the new UI? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, we remind you that TikTok has recently begun testing a full-screen horizontal video mode, which is the mode that has made YouTube famous since its debut in the mobile sector with the first smartphones. The novelty, when available to everyone, could prove to be perfect for the new UI landscape.

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