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TikTok inserts code that tracks your passwords and much more

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The TikTok app, like many others, has your own internal browser that facilitates being able to access web pages with links contained in the publications made from said social network, without it being necessary to leave the app itself.

It is recommended not to use the internal browsers of apps such as social networks to access places with a password or to make purchases online by typing the credit card number

The purpose is to improve the user experience, which thus you are not forced to leave the application environmentbut now it has been discovered that in the TikTok app this circumstance can cause a significant risk to its users.

And this because it was discovered that in the code of the internal browser of the TikTok app there are instructions to collect information about everything users type when said internal browser is in operation. Thus, any string of text and numbers that were entered on web pages visited from that browser would be tracked by TikTok. And this may include logging over passwords or credit card numbers.

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Through Javascript modifications, the code inserted in the internal browser of TikTok even allows to determine the part of the web page that the user presses, so it can be registered if the text typed corresponds to the “Password” field when accessing a platform online or “Verification code” of the credit card in an online purchase.

This type of action, known as keylogger, is common on some malicious websites and platforms, and its use has also been detected on online video game platforms. It is based on collecting everything that the user types, which, together with the analysis of the areas of the screen or the web where the pointer is touched or activated, allows discriminating which text strings correspond to usernames, passwords and credit card numbers, among other data.

TikTok has acknowledged the presence of said code but at the same time affirms that this information is not used for malicious purposes, insisting that its sole purpose is to improve the user experience.

In any case, the simplest method to avoid this potential risk is do not use that internal browser of the TikTok application, especially in the event that you are going to access a web page in which you have to include a password, what to say about online purchases in which you have to type the credit card numbers and especially the three digit verification code.

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