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TikTok expands descriptions to 2,200 characters

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Previously set to 300 characters, TikTok has increased the number of characters available to include in video descriptions to 2,200. The reason for this has to do with facilitating accessibility for those who have vision difficulties and require the description of the content that appears in the videos, but there is a second reason for expanding these limits and it has to do with searches.

SEO terms allow search engines to index search terms associated with online content

And it is that the descriptions included in the TikTok videos allow search engines to index said content, so it can be relevant in searches. And since the SEO terms (search engine optimizationwords optimized for indexing by search engines) can be extended by increasing the character limit, this results in a greater ability to add relevant terms for searches.

This limit from 300 to 2,200 characters will allow content creators to specify more details regarding the content that appears in the video, with more complete descriptions and even a story of their experiences that can complete or expand what is seen in the video.

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And it is that although that same information can also be included in the video itself in the form of labels or subtitles, which in TikTok can be added automatically or even orally, naturally, in the words of the protagonist of the video or a voice in off, all these methods do not allow search engines to index such information.

One of the options presented with this new option is that content creators can insert part of the text or the script used for the video in the description of the video, so that despite the fact that the information is being “duplicated” It will gain the advantage of being able to make it accessible to search engines and, with it, ensure that the content can reach more viewers.

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