TikTok discontinues its BeReal clone: ​​TikTok Now

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The popular video platform TikTok has announced the discontinuation of its BeReal clone, known as TikTok Now. The news has reached users through notifications sent by the company ByteDance, owner of TikTok. Although an exact date for the cessation of the function has not been specified, several users have shared screenshots of the message in different languages.

A response to BeReal’s loss of popularity

TikTok Now was launched in September with the goal of fostering “authentic and spontaneous connections on TikTok.” However, its format, which asked users to capture one moment a day using their phones’ front and rear cameras, was virtually identical to that of BeReal, an app that became popular last year. Unlike BeReal, TikTok Now allowed you to upload videos of up to 10 seconds in addition to still photos. In the United States, TikTok Now was available within the main TikTok app, while ByteDance also released a dedicated TikTok Now app in other regions of the world.

The decline of BeReal

The decision to discontinue TikTok Now is possibly related to BeReal’s decline in popularity. According to third-party data cited by The New York Times, BeReal experienced a 61% decline in daily active users between October 2022 and March 2023. According to Apptopia, the number of users dropped from approximately 15 million to less than six million. in March. Although BeReal has disputed these figures and claims to have more than 20 million daily active users worldwide, a significant decline in mentions of the app on social media has been observed.

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The strategy of the “killer clones”

TikTok is not the only platform that has tried to incorporate BeReal-like features into its app. Snapchat launched a dual-camera feature in August, offering more editing and design options. Instagram has also been testing its own version called “Candid Stories.” These features, commonly known as “killer clones,” represent an attempt by dominant social media apps to mimic their competitors’ unique features in order to retain their users and discourage potential competitors.

Limited communication and lack of response

So far, TikTok hasn’t given a specific reason for discontinuing TikTok Now and its support page hasn’t been updated to mention the shutdown.

The cessation of TikTok Now marks the end of an attempt by TikTok to capitalize on the success of BeReal and offer users a similar experience. However, with the decline in popularity of BeReal and the rise of other platforms with similar features, TikTok has decided to abandon this feature.