TikTok denies being hacked

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bloquear videos tiktok.jpg
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TikTok has denied reports that have become popular in recent days pointing to an attack by hackers that they would have managed to access the source code of the social network.

Hackers claim to have obtained 2 billion records and 790 Gb of information

Images have even been disseminated in which alleged cyberattackers would demonstrate their claim to have accessed the information related to the platform’s users as well as its own source code. However, TikTok claims not having found evidence of a security breach.

The hackers have published the corresponding images, presumably, to the database contained in a server belonging to TikTok. They claim to have gained access to 2,000 million records and 790 Gb of information belonging to users of the platform, in addition to data such as statistics, code and others.

Maureen Shanahan, a spokesperson for TikTok, has stated that the company has been able to verify that the data provided by the hackers is publicly accessible and having accessed it does not in any way imply that the systems, networks or databases have been compromised. TikTok data. She adds Shanahan that they do not consider it necessary for TikTok users to adopt security measures active.

The creator of the “Have I been pwned” website and regional director of Microsoft, Troy Hunt, describes the data disclosed by the hackers as “inconclusive” and believes that it could be data from a test. “Have I been pwned” is a non-profit open source project that allows Internet users to know if their accounts have been hacked.

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The hackers who have disclosed this data make up a group calling itself “AgainstTheWest” (AgainstTheWest) and claim to have also obtained data from WeChat, a popular Chinese messaging platform, a company that has not confirmed the veracity of this alleged security breach so far.