TikTok copies BeReal and launches new “Now” feature

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TikTok joins the current of “inspiration” that emerged after the appearance of BeReal and is going to incorporate a new feature, just announced, coming from the newly arrived social app.

Now sends a notification to the user at a random time of day to share a simultaneous shot from the rear and front cameras

Is about Now, a daily notification that reaches the user at a random time of day and that invites you to share a photo or video. Capture that, in addition, is made at the same time with the rear and front cameras, having only 3 minutes to take the photo or video, that is, just as it happens in BeReal.

The appearance of new social networks or platforms entails a double risk: to compete with those that already exist and that these adopt the new distinctive contribution offered by the newcomer. Features of Twitter, Instagram, TikTok… are moving from one to another, but when, for example, Clubhouse and its audio chat rooms arrive, that feature is soon taken over by veterans.


In this case, TikTok adds some additional functions, such as video capture, and among its main features is to prioritize the capture of the rear camera, adding the capture of the front camera in a small box. Now indicates if the user has made the capture within the time frame of those 3 minutes that allows or if the publication has arrived late.

TikTok users will be able to choose who they prefer to see that daily content, if only their friends or the whole world, so that the contents of Now can only appear on the timeline of those who follow the user who publishes them.

At the moment TikTok is testing Now only in the United States as a specific section of the video app, but in other countries it could come as a specific and independent app: TikTok Now. In that case, the app will include additional features such as being able to record videos of up to 10 seconds in length.

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