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Tiktok copies BeReal and calls it Tiktok Now

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For more authenticity: Under the name Tiktok Now, users show an excerpt from their everyday life using the front and rear cameras. A BeReal clone.


So now Tiktok is also copying the function of another app that threatened to overtake the most popular service among young people, or at least steal parts of the audience. Tiktok Now is a feature very similar to the BeReal app. And this was recently shown with strongly growing download numbers.

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If you want to use Tiktok Now, you will receive a daily push message that encourages you to take a photo or a video of up to ten seconds – immediately. Users should switch on the front and rear cameras at the same time and show what they are doing at the moment. The idea is that instead of tediously planned and staged photos with a perfect look, more authenticity is now finding its way. A buzzword that gets a lot of attention, at least among Generation Z.

In addition to the function in the existing app, Tiktok Now will also be made available as a standalone app. According to a press release, a test is initially being carried out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Feedback is welcome, improvements are still being made.

Uploaded images and videos from Tiktok Now can be made freely accessible, but visibility and comment columns can also be restricted. As usual with Tiktok, accounts of users under the age of 16 are automatically set to private. Anyone under the age of 18 cannot share content through the Explore feed, only friends can view images and videos.

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BeReal is an app originally from France. There, circles of friends will receive a push notification at a randomly selected time. After that, they have two minutes to take a photo with the front and back cameras and share it. RealMojis serve as reactions, these are recordings of the commenter himself – for example with a thumbs up instead of just sending the emoji thumb.

So far, it has been more common for other social networks to copy Tiktok features. For example, the original photo service introduced Instagram Reels, which are short videos like on Tiktok, on Youtube they are called Youtube Shorts.

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