TikTok changes voice from text-to-speech after receiving lawsuit

TikTok has wanted to avoid major problems by changing the voice that until now it has been using in the text-to-speech function for texts in English in North America. This function has been used by users when narrating videos without using their respective voices, using instead the voice narration generated automatically with this function.

As they comment in The Verge, the change of voice It’s because voice actress Bev Standing sued ByteDance, owner of TikTok, earlier this month for using her voice for this feature., arguing that she only made voice recordings to be used solely in translations, adding that she had never agreed to work with ByteDance for the use of her voice.

Preventing the problem from getting worse

The demand was presented at the beginning of this month of May, As we pointed out, and as a consequence of this, now TikTok has replaced the voice with another female voice. Yes indeed, the videos that had already used their voice until the moment of the change will still remain with the sameAs long as users using the text-to-speech feature from now on, they will encounter the new voice.

At the moment, TikTok has not commented on the demand received or the use of the new voice, so it remains to be seen if it will act at some point on the videos that already exist with the narration generated with Bev’s voice. Standing, and it even remains to know who may be behind the new voice that users can use at this time through the text-to-speech function.

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It may seem like an anecdote but it can also be understood as TikTok does not want to have more controversies behind its back that undermine its reputation, and less at a time when a variety of competitors have appeared hungry to devour any market share that is possible.

Be that as it may, we see a TikTok that wants to heal itself in health and avoid new controversies as they are in its hands, so it will try to avoid future problems within its possibilities, in order to allow it to continue growing, generating trust among users, in a An increasingly competitive segment that is currently leading, being the great reference with everything related to short videos.