Three news come to LinkedIn to find better candidates

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LinkedIn is adding a number of new features to Company Pages to improve internal communication, analyze competitors, and also to attract new talent, so that companies are more effective within the current recruitment market.

With the new features, LinkedIn will allow job policies to be shared on company pages, so that job seekers can see what the work environment is like.

Here are the new features that LinkedIn is integrating into Company Pages that will help Company Pages improve their performance and achieve their goals:

-Update to «My company»: This tab, exclusively for employees of companies with more than 201 employees, will now allow you to curate content from the feed of a page with a single click, notify employees when new content is published and encourage them to share it in their profiles, visualization dynamic content that other employees are sharing.

-Share workplace policies: The job market has changed and job seekers are not only looking at pay, but also at working conditions. With this new functionality, companies will be able to show what their policies are on remote work, flexible hours, vaccinations or payment adjustments, among others. This new information will appear at the top of the page, so it will be one of the first things job applicants will see.

-Comparison data with the competition: Another functionality that has been integrated into the pages is customizable analytics to compare the performance of our company page, compared to the competition. In this sense, it is possible to choose up to nine pages of the competition to compare our data, in a similar way to how we can do it in other analytical tools such as those of Facebook or Twitter. With this information, it will be possible to know how many followers the competition has and how is your engagement with them.

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