Three important news come to LinkedIn

Brian Adam

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LinkedIn has announced an update that improves the accessibility of the social network with features such as real-time captions for live audio events. Other added features include improved search for posts that have already been viewed and the ability to customize the URL for content creator profiles.

Live captioning makes it easy to follow live audio events

We are going to see the three novelties that LinkedIn has launched in greater depth:

-Real-time captions at live events: Until now, in holding live audio events on LinkedIn through LinkedIn, there was a limitation both for people with hearing difficulties and for those who were not in adequate circumstances to be able to follow the sound reproduction of said event.


With the introduction of these automatic live subtitles, accessibility is improved and it is also favored that those who, for various reasons, cannot reproduce the audio or do not have, for example, headphones to be able to do so without disturbing other people nearby, can follow these events. .

Audio events via LinkedIn were introduced in January following the trend started last year by the Clubhouse platform and its audio chat rooms. Given LinkedIn’s professional orientation, it seems like a natural expansion site for these types of live audio events.

-Improvements in searches for already viewed posts: On the other hand, LinkedIn has also improved the search through the mobile app for those publications that the user has already seen for those cases in which they remember having read a comment but do not remember who the author was.

Given that until now searches could only be carried out based on the name of the user who had published content, this new function improves the possibility of retrieving publications that seemed interesting at the time but whose author’s name is not remembered.

-Inclusion of a link in the profile: Another novelty is the possibility of including a link at the top of the user profile that redirects visitors to the website of the company or the service provided by the user, although it is an option that will initially be available only for the users of the Creator Mode, without detailing when it will be available for the rest of the users.