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Three essential things to do after installing iOS 16 on your iPhone

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Once iOS 16, the newly released version of Apple’s mobile operating system, has been installed on compatible devices (from iphone 8 onwards), it is advisable to go through three initial configurations that will allow you to start enjoying all the new features that iOS 16 incorporates as a completely improved experience.

iOS 16 substantially changes the management of the lock screen, the concentration mode and the elimination of duplicate photos

These are precisely features related to the user interface and the handling of the device that can make the feeling similar to that of “opening a new device”, something that all those who have not done with a model of the new device will appreciate. iPhone 14 generation.

-Create a new lock screen: One of the novelties in iOS 16 is the complete redesign of its lock screen, which allows the user to completely customize it, especially with regard to the inclusion of widgets that allow access to information from different apps or even manage them (via simple controls) without the need to unlock the mobile. Depending on the needs and use, different screensaver profiles can be set on the lock screen, easily interchangeable.

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To configure this section, simply press the button with the “+” symbol at the bottom right of the screen. Apple has provided some pre-set screensavers, some of which already include widgets that can be edited and replaced with the ones the user prefers. Dynamic depth effects can be applied to these screensavers, which can contain user-selected images.

-Customize the profile in Concentration mode: To avoid distractions due to notifications and alerts, iOS has the Concentration mode, an evolution of the Do Not Disturb mode that can be configured in a personalized way so that each user can customize what type of these alerts they will receive, blocking all the others.

Now this function has undergone a profound renovation. To begin with, it offers different profiles in which it is possible to adjust which notifications and from whom (or which apps) will appear on the screen even if it is blocked and which ones will be completely silenced. These settings include the ability to also change the wallpaper automatically when Focus mode is activated.

Added the ability to automatically set the time Focus mode is turned on or off, for example when going to bed or waking up. In these cases, and the Health app is used for sleep monitoring, this information can be used to determine the optimal times to activate or deactivate this mode.

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As for filters by applications, it can be configured that only some email senders or only some Safari browser tabs can interact with the user. Once the configuration is complete, the Focus mode is available in the Control Center that appears when you slide the screen down from the top right.

-Set Photos to remove duplicate images and videos: It’s one of the best ways to keep your iPhone storage space at bay, and now there’s no need to resort to third-party tools since the Photos app itself already has its own automated system to detect duplicate content and remove it.

To put it into operation you have to follow the following route: “Photos – Albums – Duplicates”. Those images and videos that iOS 16 detects as duplicates will be displayed on the screen, reporting their size at the bottom of each one and prioritizing those that take up the most space. Using the “Select” or “Select All” option, the user will be able to choose the ones they want to delete from the photo gallery, gaining available space on their iPhone.

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