ThreadMagic, a tool that will allow you to convert a Twitter thread into a PDF document

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It is remarkable how Twitter has become one of the most popular social networks today. This is thanks to the fact that it offers the opportunity to be used as a forum to express our opinion in relation to any topic, and provoke the interaction of other users based on it.

And it is that Twitter is the ideal medium to start the conversation around situations that occur in the world of politics, cinema, music, science, sports, etc.

What are Twitter threads

This means that many users who are passionate about one of these topics take the time to create threadswhich are a Twitter functionality that allows structure a long topic into several tweets sequentially.

By clicking on the first tweet you will be taken to another screen where you can see it along with the rest of the tweets that follow it, so that you can read them one after another and understand the context of the exposed topic.

Thus, the threads represent an excellent way to expose a topic that requires a treatment greater than the 280 characters that a tweet grants.

In addition, Twitter gives you an option with which you can share these threads on other platforms through a link. Clicking on the link will take the person to Twitter so they can read it from there.

However, there is a tool where you no longer need to do this to read a Twitter thread.

How ThreadMagic works

Is about ThreadMagican application designed for convert Twitter threads into PDF’s and read them in carousel style, also giving you the option to share these on platforms like LinkedIn; all in a simple and free way.

The only thing you have to do is copy twitter thread url and paste it into the box present in the ThreadMagic interface.

After converting the Twitter thread into PDF format, ThreadMagic will will send a copy to your emailwhich you will have the opportunity to download.

So with ThreadMagic you can increase your LinkedIn engagement by sharing your Twitter threads and presenting them in this format.

However, it is likely that some threads with a certain age or with a certain number of likes cannot be converted by ThreadMagic.

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