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This young man from Indonesia managed to become a millionaire by selling his selfies as NFT tokens

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2022 01 21 11 01 28.jpg

One of the topics that remained on the table in 2021 to finish becoming a trend in 2022 has been NFTs. Many people are believing in them, others just see it as another speculation game, while this is happening, the market expands much more. In addition, interesting cases continue to occur, such as the Indonesian student who managed to become a millionaire by selling NFT tokens.

The curious thing about this story is that the NFT tokens he managed to sell corresponded to selfies of you taken between the ages of 18 and 22.

His own selfies turned into NFT tokens made this student a millionaire

Sultan Gustaf Al-Ghazali is the name of the protagonist of this story, an inhabitant of Indonesia and a computer science student. For 5 years, Al-Ghazali was taking photos of his travels, his studies and even his graduation, as well as a series of selfies in different positions next to his computer. The latter were the ones selected by Al-Ghazali to convert them into NFT tokens and put them up for sale on the OpenSea market.

Come on, if selling NFT tokens was that simple, we’d all be converting our selfies. This is why Al-Ghazali did not have high hopes of selling the tokens he uploaded to OpenSea in December 2021. However, he set a price of $3 and also made a tweet asking not to abuse the use of his photos or your parents will be very disappointed.

His posts reached users in the cryptocurrency community on Twitter and sales immediately began. Only last Friday, one of his selfies was bought for around $806, another report indicates the sale of an NFT for $3,000. Overall, Al-Ghazali has put 1,000 photos up for sale as NFT tokens and generated $1 million.

A really curious case that can be seen from the different perspectives that we discussed at the beginning. For some it might seem like a fact that exemplifies the possibilities of NFTs, others may speak of speculation, however, the market continues to grow and generate stories like this.