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This would have been the Nokia N95 with Android: filtered a sliding prototype with triple camera

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nokia-N95-with-android-filtered.jpg" alt="This would have been the Nokia N95 with Android: filtered a sliding prototype with triple camera" />

If a few days ago we saw how Nokia dared to revive two mythical phones such as the Nokia 6300 and the Nokia 8000, now it’s time to stay with one of the most iconic models of the brand. The Nokia N95 (then a version with 8 GB of capacity arrived), that SUV, a monster at the time, is again in the news at leak what could have been your updated version.

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HMD, now the head of Nokia, has been making the dreams of many users possible by reviving old glories of the brand. There are the Nokia 3310 from 2017 or the Nokia 8110 4G, models that are added to those mentioned before. The Nokia N95, another of the memorable mobiles, it seems that however, it will stay by the way.

The king stays on the road

And that that has been seen in a video a look at a non-functional prototype of the Nokia N95 that serves to show that sometimes, nostalgia and sales can do everything. In the video of Mr. Mobile on YouTube we can see the N95 from minute 6:12 and enough details remain uncovered.

Slider N95
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We are facing a terminal that, as in the case of the original model, consists of two parts, sliding one over the other to reveal generous speakers. In addition and next to the mechanism is horizontal (remember that the original model used a double vertical deployment), an illustration appears in which it is shown as the restyled N95 can be opened almost any way.

With a large size, especially when compared to the classic N95, we find a phone that on the back shows a module composed of three cameras, an LED flash and a kind of ring that when opened, serves as a support to support it on the table.

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The operating system used appears silkscreened in the lower area, this time the cleanest version of Google’s operating system, Android One.

Too bad it seems that this Nokia mobile has ended up sleeping the dream of the righteous and that the chances of seeing it come true are almost nil.


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