This will be the Xiaomi Pad 6: more power and a fast charge that impresses

This will be the Xiaomi Pad 6: more power and a fast charge that impresses

This will be the Xiaomi Pad 6: more power and a fast charge that impresses

Little by little the secrets that it has are revealed Xiaomi for its future tablet that will compete with Apple’s iPads. Some information has revealed some of the most interesting details that the device we are talking about will have and that it will not take long to be a completely official model.

The team we are talking about is xiaomi pad 6which will be the iteration of one of the best-selling tablets this year 2022 (at least among those with an operating system Android, something that will happen again). One of the things that is practically certain is that the design will be very similar, with metal finishes and the device being extremely thin. In addition, support for using stylus It will be maintained, which is always positive so that usability is always what the user needs. And, by the way, they will be three models of the new range: Basic, Pro and Ultra.

A hardware that will give a good qualitative leap

One of the things that are practically certain that the new Xiaomi tablet will have is the processor Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1. It is not the most powerful of Qualcomm, but almost. The fact is that we are talking about a fairly considerable increase in power, so getting ahead with the equipment in professional use will not be exactly crazy. As far as memory is concerned, everything points to versions between 6 and 8GB. Nothing, but nothing, bad.

Using a stylus on a Xiaomi tablet

Another component that will undergo an improvement is the screen, vital for tablets (as for smartphones). It seems that the dimensions will not vary with respect to the models of the previous range, so we are talking about always being above 11 inches, more than enough to be able to enjoy high-quality videos, while it is possible to replace the laptop on many occasions. The panel used will be AMOLED with a resolution 2Kso there will be no problem with what has to do with image quality.

A very important improvement in this Xiaomi

This will have to do with fast charge of the battery of which, by the way, the amperage it will have is unknown at the moment. The point is that it will jump from 33 to 67W in this new generation (it will be like this for all models), so the time it will take to have the Xiaomi Pad 6 at its maximum will practically be halved, which is always positive so that you can leave home with the maximum tranquility possible.

Without an approximate price for now, what does seem certain is that it will be in spring 2023 when Xiaomi announces this new range of tablets. And, the truth is that its progress is important, which is why it is gradually becoming a serious competitor to the models launched by traditional manufacturers of this type of product, such as Apple or Samsung itself.