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This will be the Voice States that WhatsApp prepares

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Thanks to a WhatsApp beta It has been possible to discover one of the developments in which the instant messaging platform is working that could be incorporated in a future update.

The duration of the audio clip for the voice state may not exceed 30 seconds

It is an evolution on the States, content that after being published is automatically deleted after 24 hours, in the style of Instagram Stories. WhatsApp works now to fix Evoice states.

The voice recording itself will constitute the State and, for what the beta shows (which would not have to be the final aspect), it would be an element that would appear in the middle of the screen representing the user’s voice recording. An element that could be moved and located in another place on the screen but that in any case, when pressed on it, the recorded audio clip would be played.

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This would increase the possibility of incorporate elements to the Platforms, behind the texts, images, videos… which already allows the interface. As for its duration, in no case could it exceed 30 seconds.

As in the rest of the States, its presence is indicated with a rescued circumference around the profile photograph of the user who has recorded an audio clip of up to 30 seconds as a voice status.

With this incorporation, the increasingly complete possibilities offered by WhatsApp statuses will be further expanded. In this sense, and unlike what happens with some social networks, such as Instagram, which do allow music to be included as part of the statuses, WhatsApp does not allow it natively, but there are some ways to incorporate songs into the statuses, even if it is with a little trick.

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