This will be the verification by colors of Twitter

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Next week Twitter will begin a new era in its account verification process, after weeks ago the new Twitter Blue that Elon Musk had announced was the subject of a serious controversy, when some accounts impersonated companies by obtaining their blue emblem. and present denominations that gave rise to confusion.

A color code will make it possible to distinguish what type of account it is based on its verification emblem

Alternatively, and after temporarily suspending this certification system for the identity of the account owner, Twitter is going to start a new verification system with emblems of different colors, each of which will serve to identify at a glance the nature of the account type.

The colors chosen for the emblems and their categories will be the following:

-Gold emblem: Private businesses.

-Grey emblem: Government agencies.

-Blue emblem: Private individuals, not necessarily celebrities.

The latter will be the type of account verification emblem that those who pay Twitter Blue’s $8 monthly subscription will be able to obtain, but for the rest of the colors it will be the social platform itself that manually verifies the user’s identity.

In the event that private individuals are part of an organization may obtain a second identifying emblem next to his name, having to verify said company or organization that said individual belongs to it or that there really is some relationship between them.

On the other hand, Elon Musk has announced an “amnesty” for all those users whose accounts were canceled in the past, a second chance that will allow the return of, for example, Donald Trump, former President of the United States who saw in January 2021 how his accounts were blocked on various social networks after his publications in January 2021 during the inauguration of President Joe Biden, which caused riots that culminated in the assault on the Capitol in Washington.

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