This will be the Nothing Phone (2a): transparent back and without Glyph, according to OneLeaks

1707209131 840 560.jpeg
1707209131 840 560.jpeg

Nothing’s most recognizable element would disappear from its new cheap mobile. The idea is to launch a mobile phone to compete against the Pixels


In December of last year, we started reading rumors and leaks about Nothing’s new mobile. If he Nothing Phone (1) It was a contact with the industry and the Nothing Phone (2) a commitment by Carl Pei’s company to the high range, the middle piece was missing: a mid-range mobile.

It looks like that will be the Nothing Phone (2a). A few days ago, the company confirmed its existence, but it seems that we will have to wait until the presentation of Nothing at the Mobile World Congress. Of course, as usual, the leaks continue their course and we could already know the design of this Nothing Phone (2a). The big news is that it would not have the luminous Glyph interface.

Recognizable design, but without lights

When the company Pei confirmed the existence of the new model, did so by accompanying the announcement with a cryptic image that does not allow us to see practically anything about the terminal. It is a photo or render macro that leaves more room for imagination than for certainties.

Knowing how they have acted with all their previous devices, it is logical to think that we will have little pills of information and images in X from this moment until the presentation in Mobile. However, OnLeaks and Smartprix They want to spoil the surprise.

They are two names with a lot of weight in the sector due to the information they usually handle. With it, they create and share renders that show what the phones we will see in the future will be like, and they are usually right.

That is why we echo the image that we leave you below, the supposed back of the Nothing Phone (2a):

Nothing Phone 2a Exclusive Design Reveal 2

In it, we can see a rear that still has a semi-transparent casing that allows us to see… well, we don’t really see the components, but we do see some trim. The cameras remain in the upper left area, we have that circular detail in the upper area (which in previous generations was in the center of the back above the wireless charging system) and what we don’t see is the lighting system.

Nothing has taken advantage of this system in its two generations both to warn of notifications and to compose our own melodies and lighting pattern with a unique software function, but It seems that it is one of the elements to cut in the cheap Nothing.

In the first renders filtered, the Glyph system did appear, but it also seemed that the mobile would have a double central camera system in a horizontal arrangement, like the Google Pixel. As Smartprix points out, these elements may correspond to a previous version of the mobile.

In any case, and as we always say, it is nothing more than a leak. No matter how reputable and accurate the sources are, We will have to wait until February 27 to see the Nothing Phone (2a). It is the day of the official presentation at the Mobile World Congress and we will tell you in detail in Voonze.

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