This will be the new verified badge that will appear on WhatsApp: what it is and what it is for

this will be the new verified badge that will appear.webp.webp.webp
this will be the new verified badge that will appear.webp.webp.webp


WhatsApp has started the new year in the same way it closed the previous one: discovering the changes that are coming next. Today we learned that it will allow you to customize the color of the interface, at the expense of the long-awaited redesign being deployed to all users.

The website that exhaustively analyzes all beta versions, WABetaInfo, has learned more about a verification badge that will soon be present in the messaging app. Although it has not been added yet, we already know what it will be like, as well as its usefulness.

WhatsApp Business will have a free badge for companies and businesses

Whatsapp Business Badge Free

Meta is working tirelessly to add more features to WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application. Now it focuses on WhatsApp Business, the modality for companies that allows you to give automatic responses to your clients. To improve it, A new badge will soon be released which will appear in channels to indicate that the account is authentic.

Let’s remember that WhatsApp channels allow one-way communication, so it seems like a good way for businesses to report news on their services. When it arrives, in the channel of a company, we will know that it is the true profile because the aforementioned insignia will appear.

Until now, Meta verifies business channels with the program ‘Meta Verified‘, that requires an active subscription. Through this, the well-known green badge appears, indicating that this account really belongs to the company. However, the function spotted by WABetaInfo refers to an optional feature, similar but that will not require subscription.

This appears in the version, one of the latest betas of WhatsApp for Android. By selecting this option, both the channel name and profile image will be adapted to match the verified business details. Thus, “the impersonation and improper use of the verification system” can be avoided.

Besides, this data will be editable at any time, from the business profile settings. At the moment, it is unknown when it will finally arrive, but being in testing it should not take too long. As always, from Apps ProBox we will keep you informed about this feature, as well as all the news that will be part of the messaging application.

Via | WABetaInfo

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